Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just plays a mean pinball.

I feel like a jerk because some local Transformer afficionados (as seen in "Transformer Afficionado" magazine, now out of print for obvious reasons) had a get together and I semi-invited Til All Are Mine to join me. But I didn't have an address for the event. Until the day of the event. So Til All Are Mine, sorry, as by the time the party started I was trying to get my house internet back online, and then I had to bolt out the door. So next time.

The host, JB, was a bit of a pinball wizard. This is the 2nd Transformers pinball machine I have seen. I guess they vary between Autobot and Decepticon themes.

Here's a Star Trek Next Generation themed
pinball game. It's LOUD.

This one was my favorite, simply because of the tiny Tron arcade game inside the pinball game...
with a monitor that ran a loop of the demo of the original Tron games!
No, seriously, how bad ass is this?
Got to see a lot of cool things. I hadn't seen the 3rd party Hercules or Giant Constructicon figures. Well, attendees had them, and they did a comparison. For some reason I didn't take a picture when they brought out the original Devastator. Hercules is on your left. I thought bigger might be better, but the MakeToys Giant is actually decent sized (and much cheaper, despite being over $350) and would fit in well with the other Classics...EXCEPT THAT THE WHOLE THING MIGHT RUN YOU OVER THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY BUCKS!

I bought some Kreons from some of the guys there. I ALSO showed off my Whirl Headrobots upgrade and a custom I'll be discussing next post.

I got some requests for more Everyone Loves Gears. I guess Everyone DOES in fact Love Gears.

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