Drunk Trollcutting

That time James Roberts answered fan questions on Twitter and a certain someone had to be a smartass and create responses with the help of Drunk Trailcutter.

Does Trailcutter ever look behind him? To see if he's safe?

TC & a kid are best friends.

The kids don't want to get TC a beer.

Will you be raiding Megatron's reserves?

The threat of Death strengthens bonds on the Lost Light...

What if Rodimus adds fish themed pods that shoot from the Rod Pod? (A. Roberts came up with that name in the first panel.)

TC's death, according to James Roberts, brought the danger of the DJD to light.

Do the fake out deaths in the comic cheapen some of the moments between characters, or something?

How accurate was Getaway's story of his thawing?

Is Drift coming back? James' answer in panel 1 (sorry).

When is Trailbreaker coming back?

I was killing it with these, according to one twitter user.

And then there's Danny.

This kid's mom apparently looks like Bluestreak's holomatter in the Swerve issue.

Not from the q&a.

The alien ship is the same size as the Lost Light.

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