Monday, March 4, 2013

Blinded by the paint job. Wrapped up like a...

Like I said in the last post, the Headrobots Drone (Whirl) upgrade was pretty well received by the local Transformers Afficionado crew (as seen in "Transformers Afficionado Magazine," no longer in print, the publisher of which long out of business). They thought his weapons and feet/skis were neat, and that the head was pretty good as well, and all winced at the price of $35.

Well, duh, of course I should have expected a Generations Whirl.

He's a retool of FOC Vortex and like the Bruticus will combine with other "Wreckers" to form...some giant robot that the Wreckers of Marvel and IDW and etc. etc. never combined into, which I believed Hasbro already trademarked the name "I Don't Recall The Wreckers Combining Into A Larger Robot-icus."

I kinda knew this was coming because I did see his name mentioned on another blog for the Fall Of Cybertron figures. But I didn't think for a long time that we'd get a Generations (of which FOC falls under) Whirl, or at least one that looked like a Generations version of G1 Whirl.

I don't feel so bad getting the expensive upgrade when a simple head sculpt, even one done at home and painted by myself, could have sufficed, but I'd feel bad if a Deluxe sized Whirl came out. Well, you know when this hits the shelves we'll be complaining about the $18 shelf tag. Still doesn't make me feel better.

The color choices on this figure make me feel better about my purchase, pending inspection if the head fits over a ball joint or if the socket is in the neck, as some Prime and FOC figures have been manufactured lately. No, this makes me feel awesome. What a terrible looking figure.


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