Friday, February 22, 2013

Myclone! And some neat links.

I'm adding a few links to the bar on the right (when you scroll down); I don't know if I can reference EVERY TF blog, but there's some really cool ones out there, some of which serve as a wealth of information for other Transformers fan (and myself!). I've said hello to Heroic Decepticon and Til All Are Mine and they've said hello back and linked me (probably how you found this page).

Through their pages I'm checking out Botch The Crab's archive of box art (and much more!) and I just discovered the Obscure TF site. So this will help fill in a few moments of my day between meetings and such. Yay fellow TF fans!

A few months ago I'm browsing the frequently mentioned/visited store Quake and they had these:

They're called Myclones, "superdeformed" versions of G1 figures. I picked up Jazz, Sideswipe, and Trypticon. They're absolutely adorable...and they fall apart easily. More below:

Sideswipe has a jetpack.

Stop with the cute already!
How cute are they? Below is a comparison to the Heroes of Cybertron and Robot Heroes.

Since I'm prone to losing, I don't know, EVERYTHING, I probably shouldn't own these, since picking them up wrong leaves half the figure on the shelf...or falling to the floor, and then pieces scattering when it hits the ground. !!!

My quest for every Sideswipe figure may go unfulfilled (especially with Armada...WTF?). But for now, this little guy has a spot on the shelf with the rest of the SS crew.


  1. thanks for the shout out! =)

    nice pick up there. MyClone Sideswipe and Jazz are the only MyClones I own. They are nice and adorable. If you ever see a MyClone Red Alert, grab it without hesitation - it's one of the rarest MyClone chase figures out there (probably rarer than most PVC type chase figures in the TF verse).

    I do have a Mint on Package Armada Sideswipe that is not doing much for my life...

  2. There's a lonely, lonely, lonely Armada Sideswipe at Quake and I think it will always be there.