Saturday, February 16, 2013

Diakron Multi-Force 14 - the bad guy Megatron should watch out for...

I stopped by Quake Collectibles in Chicago and was happy I brought my camera. Dave had the Diakron Multi-Force 14 Robot.

(Please note that the back of the box pictured on the Multi-Force link is slightly different. I'll get to that after the jump.)

If you check out this amazingly well researched TF site, you can see how Multi-Force 14 fit into the pre-TF world, or whatever other licensed toyline he was a part of at the time.

It looks like he was a bad guy, going by the comics that were included with the Diaclone figures, and maybe the main bad guy.

This was, as far as I could tell, a complete figure, though I didn't see any instructions or stickers. Dave was also charging $250 for the shebang. See more after the jump.

I remember a grade school chum having this, but it seemed flimsy and weird compared to the regular brand of Transformers. Little did I know that the little guys were the pilots of the Diaclone world!

Anyway, Quake gets boxed G1 figures once in a while, but I rarely see pre-Hasbro TFs in the box (or even any loose) so this is pretty special. Large multi-non transforming combiners seem out of place from the regular Transformer world, especially with the new Marvel editorial approved background. I'd be terrified of losing any of the pieces. Actually, having had figures like this (any GI Joe figure's weapons, Devastator [who I managed to keep almost complete!], Robotech Robolinks) I know full well what it's like to lose small pieces of a larger puzzle-like toy. 

 This looks pretty similar to the one pictured on the Collection DX site I linked to at the top of this article, with the major exception being the back of the box. Collection DX's box, at the bottom, is just the pieces laid out and then the top half of the robot. Here, it's a preview of the Diakron "Cars of the FUTURE," with red Sunstreaker, black Ironhide, and blue diamonds...I mean, BLUE TRAILBREAKER?!? I knew about the original/additional color schemes for those other toys, but not for Trailbreaker. So that's a minor interesting revelation, at least for me.

That's about it. $250 at Quake. I know people are already contacting him about sending it out, but I don't think he does mail-order. I also don't think it'll be there long.

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