Thursday, February 14, 2013

early custom attempt - Starchild Prime

A quick few things that are not newsworthy at all:

1. I won't be buying the Beast Hunter (Prime) figures. Not like anyone asked me or cares what I think.
2. The Mrs. pre-ordered MP Smokescreen for me.
3. I am having a tough time finding the "wave 1" of Kreons.

OKAY, so, anyway, I like to paint my Transformers. I never said I was awesome at it. This is for my own amusement (though I DID sell one! Really!). I've gotten some advice from customizers in the local TF community, including ideas like "you should spraypaint them first" and I can't do that where I live. One guy said "you should use tape, to make straight lines," and then the look of terror when I tell him that I did in fact use tape.

I'm THAT clumsy.

SO, anyway, after the jump, is maybe my 2nd custom attempt. And it's the whole reason why I bought paints to ruin extra transformers.
Yup, STARCHILD Prime. I would like to mention  that I am NOT a Kiss fan. I have a lot of friends who are Kiss fans. I am not one of them. They are okay, I'm not going to argue with you about their merits as businessmen or as musicians or even as songwriters.

I had an Ultra Magnus figure lying around and I thought it'd be more interesting to do...what, exactly? Then I thought about how funny it would be to make him look like a member of Kiss. Paul Stanley would be the easiest and most recognizable.

I took him apart, washed him, painted what I think were the corresponding body parts black. I used acrylic paints and a gloss enamel. I used a Pigma Micron felt pen for the awkward star.
I got a little sloppy at the bottom of his eyes. There's just a little bit of wear on his face, as the original blue facemask is showing through. Why do I use acrylic over Testors or other model paint, especially when it chips when you transform him? The Mrs. is incredibly sensitive to the smells the Testors enamel gives off when I'm painting. So I can't spend a lot of time painting with it, even with the windows open.

There's more pics posted on the TFW board.

I might've gotten a little better.

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