Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another Swerve custom, and a BONUS easy custom!

Here's another custom. You may have already seen my "More Than Meets The Eye" Swerve. But I also painted the face of the G1 Swerve minicar to try to match his comic book counterpart.

There's a little blue bleed from his eyes. I used Testors model paint.
His face is TINY and thus hard for these
shaky hands of the old west...
A family of Swerves. GDO, built from two Energon/Armada
figures, G1 ruined by me.

ADDED BONUS! I made a Classics Tigertrack (Sideswipe head, Sunstreaker body). I didn't get the Reprolabels; they do cool stuff but for Tigertrack it seems a little overkill. I did some creative headswitching for another custom and so my "Deep Cover" has a Sunstreaker head. (Creative custom license?)

I put Sideswipe's head on Sunstreaker's body.
I removed the engine part so that you'd see the head better.
Then I switched the hands around.
That's all I did. Boom, Tigertrack.


  1. I like the Tigertracks idea! Easy enough to do and effective. Just need an Autobot logo on the chest.

  2. Yup, I need to get some Autobot stickers from Reprolabels. I just don't like the Tigertracks kit they have.