Monday, February 11, 2013

Whirl - Headrobots Drone kit

First up, holy moly, the Hasbro Toy Fair news: so many Generations figures, the biggest news about the biggest transformer, "titan" class Metroplex: I don't have $130 for this guy.

There's also going to be a Voyager sized Blitzwing, which I am super excited about, and then Deluxe sized Trailbreaker, which I hope leads to Hoist. And I hope they are of similar size to the last wave of Generations prior to the video game Fall Of Cybertron figures, which seem smaller and flimsier. I can ramble on about those once they start showing up. There's a lot of interesting things coming out (3rd party iGear GEARS, Masterpiece Smokescreen) and my budget is not exactly expanding for these items.

Not helping is that I pre-ordered Headrobots Drone, an enhancement kit to turn Hunt For The Decepticons Tomahawk into a matching Classics Whirl. Whirl was a G1 'deluxe Autobot' which meant to us that he was too good to appear in the cartoon, and thus none of us were good enough to buy him. Like a few of the G1 TF figures, he was grabbed from a competing line, so either it was too late to add him (unlikely, as Jetfire was quickly converted to Skyfire and was popular on the cartoon) or the powers that be didn't want Hasbro to tout their product for a Hasbro product.

Recently Whirl has been featured prominently in the much loved More Than Meets The Eye comic series as an invited thorn in the side of the Autobots on the Lost Light. He's pretty crazy, and actively harming some of his shipmates either out of recklessness or his quiet scheming.

So I was pretty excited about this kit to convert Tomahawk into Whirl, but it was $35. Wha? I preordered it, and then considered cancelling it and having someone show me how to sculp a head from scratch...but then it arrived. So, I put it together. I took off Tomahawk's feet and struggled to put on the kit's Whirl feet. It was a super tight fit, so be careful wedging them in, as the loops that hold Tomahawk's feet start to bend if you try to shove Whirl's feet in. I had to widen the holes on the bottom of the feet for Whirl's skis to fit. I don't know why he needs the ski feet anymore, you don't have to be THAT G1 accurate, especially since there's no hand upgrades to match Whirl's tweezer hands.

I think it looks pretty good otherwise. I would have been happy without the head but what makes the G1 Whirl somewhat unique is the amount of weapons that come with him (he's also one of the more articulated G1 figures, since he has moving arms AND legs) and these Headrobot weapons/parts help make him more like Whirl than Tomahawk with a square head.

I included some pictures. Enjoy.
Smile...oh, sorry.

G1 Whirl, modified Tomahawk.

Whirl feet vs. Tomahawk feet.

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  1. Whirl - Headrobots Drone kit. First up, holy moly, the Hasbro Toy Fair news: so many Generations figures, the biggest news about the biggest ...