Sunday, May 5, 2013

Update on the podcast, some other random thoughts.

We might not have a podcast in the next few days, maybe not until next week, but Eric from Til All Are Mine and myself appreciate the feedback and listening. I'm also working on finding a 'host' that will allow us to have it uploaded on iTunes. This should be an easy thing for everyone else but what is keeping me is that we're coming up with an actual title for the podcast. I love "Til All Are Gassy" as it combines our blog names, but at the same time I don't want some semi-tribute to farting to keep people from checking it out. So while we delay our every-other-week recording session, we're gonna come up with a name before committing it to a hosted server distro thingy whatever. So when we have episode #3 up, we should hopefully have it somewhere easily streamable/downloadable other than having to come here and right click on the link. I'm sure it will be a doozy because we'll have a lot to talk about, including some of the stuff mentioned below.

-painted the little chainsaw guy. Orange & black. Pics later.

-C2E2 was great in that I got some original IDW Transformers pages (Well, the inks to these pages). Pages I really liked from both RID and MTMTE.

-I got the Kreon (mini) Devastator set. Adorable.

-I'm on the lookout for Voyager Generations Blitzwing & Springer, but more Blitzwing than Springer. I'm really not interested in Springer because I have the one from the Springer/Ratbat set, and the GDO deluxe version, but I'm getting rave reviews about him from friends. I'm getting mixed reviews about Blitzwing, but that's the figure I'd want to get. I'm hoping for a complete Classics representation of the G1 figures (pre-Scramble City/Movie) someday. So, Hasbro: Skids. C'mon.

-I'm in no hurry in my hunt because I had to pay for damage to Gears, my car, from being Sideswiped several weeks ago by a hit & run driver. BOOOO.

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