Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shapeways presents: a Targetmaster CHAINSAW!

FINALLY! I get to show off one of the more...amazing? spectacular? web of?..."3rd party" figures, my Targetmaster Chainsaw!

This was produced by the 3D printing company Shapeways, based on a design by Redshift. I spent the extra $1 for the "polished" material. He's a little robot that TURNS INTO A CHAINSAW!

(no really, click to read more. You'll love it.)

So I had to get it.

You may have read in a previous entry how disappointed that my original order with Shapeways arrived with "Jigsaw's" thighs missing. What a BUMMER. I emailed them and they responded they would look for the missing parts on their manufacturing floor. I thought this was a little odd, seeing as these pieces are very small. The finished product is very small. It was three weeks between order and arrival, you were going to look for these tiny pieces? And they did. And then two weeks later, they emailed me to say that they would just be printing up a whole new figure (which took another week or so before shipping). Um, why not just abandon the search for these tiny pieces and start the process for 3D printing right away? Aside from what I consider to be a need to check priorities, the customer service was really good, I'm grateful I got a replacement, and I apologize for questioning their methods.
Notice my hesitation to start singing that Jackyl song? You're welcome.
Anyway, what is NOT to like? He's a little guy who turns into a handheld chainsaw. I'm glad I got the polished material. The joints are loose at his knees and thus balancing him with dangling chain part makes him look a little awkward, but obviously 1. when I apply paint, the joints will be a little tighter 2. he's here to cut down Cybertronian trees (clearly) and will be in altmode frequently.

So what color scheme should I paint him?

EXTRA: Part of the order was a new head (well, face) for Devcon. He's a work in progress (WIP). I think I could have just shaved/sanded down/painted over Scourge's goatee on his original head. You have to drill the back of the face part just perfectly. I think a place designed to indicate where to drill or just the proper hole for the original screw should have been designed, but I am taking for granted how difficult it must be to design this. I will update with a complete version at some point.

DOUBLE EXTRA: Here's more dialogue for that comics page!
I'm not getting tired of doing this. You realized that, right?

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