Saturday, April 13, 2013

new! podcast! new!

Eric from 'Til All Are Mine and I get together and make our first podcast. Here's the audio. You can stream it, or right click and save the file, yo.

Update: I should probably mention what we were talking about. It's our first podcast, we don't have a title just yet. We vow to keep it short (45 minutes). How we got started, our first figures, Gear4Toys Ratchet upgrade, Headrobots Whirl upgrade, Prime Beast Hunters Smokescreen, FOC Ruination, Shia getting arrested at Walgreens, and what we're looking forward to.

Thanks Andrew S for helping us record this!

UPDATE! I uploaded this on youtube originally, and, the sound disappeared after 25 minutes. So, I fixed it! So if you don't want to download or stream that file up there, and it's easier for you to leave comments on YouTube, here's the podcast on YouTube!

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