Sunday, April 21, 2013

Til All Are Gassy #2 - where did Carly get her change of clothes?

Hey, here's 'Til All Are Gassy #2, starring Eric from Til All Are Mine!

Click on the image to stream or download the MP3!

Topics include: Prime Shockwave, my Shapeways adventure, Devcon from that episode of G1 TF where Smokescreen gambles away his friends, how big are Carly's lips, what to name my KO seekers, and much more!

Oh, I can't forget how much it bothered me that, in Dark Of The Moon, Carly was able to change her clothes after being kidnapped. Eric and I discuss that at great length. We promised to make these short. This one is under an hour. We will try to keep it short next time...

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