Sunday, May 26, 2013

Robots In Cahoots #4! (the podcast thing)

AAAAAND double post!

This is actually part two of our previous podcast (we promised to keep these podcasts short). So, no intro. We, well really me, talk about C2E2. I got to meet Brian Shearer who inks a lot of the IDW Robots In Disguise comics. I brag about my comic art collection, and how little I paid for it. Meanwhile, people lost their homes in Oklahoma. I am a materialistic jerk. Help some people out, please.

I mention Robot Envy, and here's the site. Pretty cool, right?

My opinions (gripes) about the convention (like, paying too much for stuff) should be ignored.

Anyway, the next podcast (#5) will actually be PART 3 of this recording, and it will be off topic. Hence why I divided this stuff up.

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