Friday, May 24, 2013

Coming soon (I haven't posted in a while)

Haven't posted in a while. Here's what's coming soon.

-2nd page of Robots With Coffee.
-Robots In Cahoots #4, podcast where Eric & I talk about my trip to C2E2.
-My work in progress Devcon (minor repaint of classics Scourge) with my new paints!

I had expressed reservation in previous posts about Trailbreaker (and Hoist), in that the transformation and robot mode looked somewhat similar to FOC Sideswipe (which I think is a bust, and cheap looking, but that's my opinion). Judging by the in-hand/promo photos of the actual thing, gotta say that they look pretty good. Or at least not crappy, like FOC Sideswipe. So I'm going to lighten up about them.

Anyway, check back after this extended weekend, and you should see a few posts.


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