Thursday, February 6, 2014

I pre-ordered stuff! with an UPDATE

As of this writing, Hasbro Toy Shop has Voyager Whirl and the Deluxe wave of FOC Skywarp, Armada Starscream, Scoop and Ammonites (Mini-Cons) available to order. Try this coupon: TFLEGENDS15

UPDATE: It would be irresponsible to NOT mention that my shipping confirmation reads like this: I'll be getting one Deluxe at the end of February and the rest in late March. D'oh! But I'm in no hurry. So, sorry if you rushed like I did to take advantage and they won't be sending yours out until the end of March.

DOUBLE UPDATE! Looks like Whirl is marked as "shipped" and both Deluxes scheduled for the end of March. What the what? Now I just have no idea. Also don't know how this will affect the "Free shipping" I was offered if they keep breaking it into separate packages. Anyway, I WILL CALL EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU INDIVIDUALLY WHEN I LEARN MORE. OR I WILL JUST POST IT HERE.

I preordered Whirl, Scoop, and the Mini-Cons. I really LOVE the Headrobots upgrade for Tomahawk and originally was going to skip this version because it looked closer to the G1 version and I was hoping for a more MTMTE design as I've been spoiled with Hoist, Trailbreaker, and Skids. I saw a few pics of the final product online and thought, hmmmm, not SO bad. Well, HTS has it for $19.99 (CURRENTLY). When I go to Toys R Us, the Voyagers are $29 before tax, and then some Target are priced in the 23-27 range. SO, with free shipping over a certain amount, I figured why not. If he sucks, one of you can buy him off of me.

This simplifies the search for me because the Deluxes from this wave are showing up in the burbs and will start creeping into places that I'll have wade through more snow...did I mention that it hasn't stopped snowing or being terribly freezing since the last post? Because there's even MORE snow and temps are still going to plummet every other day. Yay.

I have other errands to run and going to a Target out of my way to see only Armada Starscream on the shelves is not how I want to spend my weekend.


I'll let you know how it turns out, yo.



  1. Hey Paul,

    I'm seriously considering Whirl, Scoop and Skywarp, but I have so many upcoming expenses with my MP preorders, along with buying equipment to improve my photography with that I really have to cut back on my purchases for the time being.

    Looking forward to seeing them arrive for you though.


  2. UPDATE! I got my shipping notice!

    As in: the deluxes ships out end of February!

    Whirl ships out mid March!

    So, uh, HAPPY HUNTING! :P

  3. I broke down and ordered the entire wave that Scoop is in. After the debacle that has turned into getting Skids, I decided to play it safe. Same for Whirl.

  4. Alex, my pal at Quake in Chicago (a resale toy shop) gets a lot of stuff through his door, and he had some recent waves of Generations Deluxes, but no Skids. He will be keeping an eye out for Generations Skids for me.