Tuesday, January 28, 2014

So cold. Thinking warm thoughts. With help from Gears.

This has been the most brutally cold weather I have ever experienced for the longest time I can remember. I have witnessed blizzards. I have witnessed what I thought was extreme cold. But I've never felt freezer burn by walking outside, have I? And I'm bundled up. I'm wondering if I'm exaggerating about how terrible the weather has been. It's the weather, I have no control over it (no debate over the validity of global warming & climate change, please). I don't like complaining about it and I don't like hearing complaints about it.

But I had never, ever, ever considered moving. Or thought about moving, just to be somewhere warmer. Until last week as I'm walking from the train over a highway and through a college campus with blistering winds on a GOOD DAY that was above zero degrees. And I've felt some subzero temps! So what is it about this month? I've NEVER felt this way, EVER. I can take a blizzard! I own a shovel!

My much farther northern friends are probably shaking their heads at me. I know I have felt hardier about dealing with the cold. Am I old? I certainly don't want to move to Florida or Arizona.

But I WOULD move to San Francisco. In a radiation-cloud-moving-eastward second.

Anyway, I have nothing else to add. Awaiting Scoop and the Mini-Con team (Ammonites). Waiting until Dark Cybertron is over to include my two cents. SO, here's some pics of Gears accompanying me on my last trip to San Fran, June 2012. It wasn't even hot. It was probably a little chilly on some days. But I'm going to look at these pictures and think warm thoughts.

Gears and I looking at the city from Golden Gate.

Looking at Sausalito 

Taken before Gears and I biked over the bridge.

Enjoying a Giants game.

Trolley to take us to Mr. Rogers...wait, no.


  1. I have to agree with you Paul. I'm here in Toronto and it has just been a completely brutal winter. I have a snowbank at the end of my driveway (without kidding) that's almost 7 feet tall. I've never been a winter guy either so I absolutely understand why people go away for the winter.

    I could never live in a hot climate all year round but to get away for three months a year would certainly help. My wife and I had our wedding in January in Disney so that we could have a ren to go somewhere warm on our anniversary but with her expecting soon it wasn't an option for this year so we had to live through it this year.

    Those 'Francisco shots do look nice though......never been myself but I would like to go. I'm a big Buster Posey fan.


  2. I used to live in San Francisco in the early '80's and I loved the weather there. I don't remember being all sweaty hot like I am now. It was a beautiful city. I've heard that it's not so clean anymore, but I'd still like to go back. And it looks like Gears had a lot of fun.

  3. Joe, Buster called me and told me we can both stay with him if you want. FRIENDSHIP FOR POSEY!

    Optimal, there's some scary places when you go south of 7th (and or Ellis) on both sides of Market St. And especially Ellis west of Market. Market St. itself is pretty gross for a stretch before you get to Castro, but that's just Market street.

    The Mission got cleaned up real nice, but I never thought it was that bad.

    I love it, I really do.

  4. Maybe the world is going to freeze over. Winter in Canada is bad, I heard (power disruptions etc); US seems cold; Hong Kong was an unusual 8 degrees with wind chill of 2 degrees that past week, high unusual; Toyko is snowing so bad HK is not getting its sashimi imports!

    Anyone thinking the episode "Fire in the Sky"?

  5. We've been under snow (iced over, and then snowed upon, iced over, repeat) since Dec. 31st. I'm not Canadian so we don't have 7 feet of snow at the end of our sidewalks but the city is being very selective of what streets are being plowed and I know people who probably haven't been able to move their vehicles because their cars are encased in frozen, hardened, snow turned solid ice. Shovel breaking hard. It's pointless to even send a plow until it warms up and softens. Which will be by the end of the week.

    I have a lot of friends in North Carolina and THEY just got it, and you've probably seen the photos of Atlanta resembling the Walking Dead stills of abandoned cars. Joe and I are probably shaking our heads over what we perceive to be a comparable layer of frost. I've been to DC when they had a layer and they shut down.

    And then I had a friend from Arizona drop by and he couldn't believe it. He hadn't been here in five years and he will probably never come back.

    Help me out here: what is Sashimi?

    And I love Fire In The Sky because the Autobots just leave Jetfire, for dead, in the Arctic after he saved them. And then a few episodes later Prime has Sideswipe dig him out. Why not just do that right then and there? You're robots....

  6. 2nd pic makes it look like hes giving TWO THUMB UP.