Monday, February 10, 2014

Reasons Megatron becomes an Autobot in MTMTE #28

So if you had been lulled into a deep coma by the pace of IDW's Dark Cybertron (oh, be nice! It started to pick up with the most recent issues), you may have awoken to this teaser/cover to More Than Meets The Eye #28. Pretty wild, huh? Megatron with an Autobot symbol? What the what?

Beyond Megatron & Co. carrying out the dream envisioned by Ironhide in the Ongoing #31 for Pax Cybertronia (colonizing other worlds, reforming them into places inhabitable for robots blah blah blah), what could be the reason for this TWIST? I speculated on twitter a few months ago:

1. lost a bet.
2. amnesia.
3. kicked out of Decepticons by Starscream.
4. Revelation/prophecy by Titan, similar to the one Starscream received.
5. red badges have a slimming look.
6. eh, why not?
7. Orion Pax: "Megatron, join the Autobots!" Megatron: "Oh Orion Pax, I can't say no to you!"
8. have you MET the Decepticons? Ew.
9. shanix discount on wax jobs.
10. Decepticons have a bad reputation with the rest of the Universe for some reason.
11. We're not tired of the "Mirror Mirror" bit.
12. Maybe it will impress Elita-1.
13. The Lost Light crew are a fun bunch. Swerve CERTAINLY won't get on my nerves.
14. the PERFECT disguise!
15. wants to show Cyclonus how to commit.
16. ringer for Autobot bowling team.
17. prank by troops when he had too much to drink and passed out a Decepticon mixer; same prank for humans, but with faction symbols, not magic markers.
18. Finally got a chance to cover up that unsightly birthmark...wait, you guys thought it was a symbol for a new movement?
19. egging on the DJD at this point.
20. trying to blow the DJD collective minds in hopes that they stop being the DJD.
21. if he "quits," the other Decepticons will start killing each other in attempts to take control. When the dust settles, he takes it back!
21.5 But if they're dead, who would he be in charge of? A bunch of dead decepticons?
22. very convoluted plan to meet, punch Thunderclash.
23. despite being leader of the Decepticons, had to share habsuite with Astrotrain for the last 2 million years. Breaking point finally reached.
24. Megatron was the Autobot spy Punch...THIS WHOLE TIME!
25. come to think of it, trying to reclaim a devastated, "primordial" barren Cybertron kinda sucks. Let Starscream have it, I'm outta here!
26. Ammonites are pretty annoying. Better join Autobots and exterminate Stenorians.
27. You still talking about the slow pace of Dark Cybertron? (slaps on Autobot logo) There, this'll shut you up.
28. Run is a GREAT psychiatrist.
29. Reprolabels sent the WRONG stickers!
30. Good friends with Pipes, despite war. PIIIIIIPES!


  1. Number 22 is both my favorite and the most likely reason. EVERYONE wants to meet Thunderclash.

  2. And a lot of people probably also want to punch him.

  3. I like reasons 14, 21, 27 and 29. Made me laugh haha.

    With you there that Dark Cybertron is slowwwwww........yawn. The only shining light are the 7-8 pages scripted by Roberts per issue - at least those are interesting (the Lost Light on a lost planet scenes). The Nightbeat Holmes style cold-reading was good too. But other than those, really, I'm just waiting for MTMTE Season 2 to start....