Friday, February 14, 2014

Robots with Valentine'!

Hey, I added a new page of Valentine's Day cards taken from the RwC page. Enjoy.

Other stuff:
-If your local comics retailer is the type that rewards you for pre-orders (like discounts), now is the time to pre-order More Than Meets The Eye & Robots In Disguise #28, and Windblade #1.
-WTF is going on with the KREO line and Cosmos? I'll miss the Kreons (if they're really cancelled) but can deal. COSMOS? This better not mean I won't get Swerve.
-first shots of Windblade look like First Edition Prime Arcee, but with a new head. "BUT SHE HAS A NEW HAT!" yells Smithers. Still, will probably get it.
-Voyager Generations Jetfire looks great, but, uh, I have enough actual Jetfires and the last Skyfire. So I'm passing.
-The TF4 figures look dopey but I have no interest in them to begin with.

UPDATE: Comic Book Movie link has clearer movie toy pics and, uh, no thanks.

Nothing else to add. Much love to you all. @robotswcoffee on Twitter.


  1. I just took a look at those movie characters......what a #$%^*&% joke. I vomitted and cursed Michael Bay out loud. Even as a parent, if my kid wanted that I would not buy it for them just on principle. Hasbro and the studio needs to sit down with some real TF fans and design some real products.

    The only thing saving the toy line now are the Masterpieces.


  2. IIIIIIIIIII...I think there's some market research that helps them make this decision. How many DOTM figures were on the shelves for so long? A lot around here. But I think making them with the frightening insect faces on top of simple blocky bodies...ewww. I wasn't planning on buying these ANYWAY, their target is for younger kids they don't want to lose with the spindly insect Baybots being too complicated. I have no idea of what success the recent cartoon figures had; it's telling that the smaller Generations figures are all but cancelled (is that the case? sigh). Masterpieces will be for us older, uh, kids, and then the 1 touch n done figures for the age market they want to rebrand the figures to.

    I am not an expert. I am a guy who takes pictures of robots with coffee.

  3. the movie-verse figures are just not impressive. But then, after the second movie, I really have no expectations of the movie figures - read: I don't give a toss about them. Also, i see that at least 2-3 cars look like shell-formers from their look...

    The movie CGI on the other hand, do make the characters look great. I guess its the transfer from CGI to a toy where they do kind of suffer.

  4. I had a few of the 2nd movie figures and they immediately started to lose their luster, but when the 3rd movie came out I was like, "ew." And then when I went through a phase of paring the collection down, I am pretty sure movie figures were the first to go. I think Sideswipe from the 2nd movie is the last one that I have.

    1. yeah, i really dont like the movie figures - think i've keep Bonecrusher and Scorponok from Movie 1 for nostalgic reasons, but that's all.

  5. I kind of like the way Grimlock's robot mode looks, which was surprising considering I hate the movie figures. I doubt I'll ever own him, but if my son wants one, I'll get it for him. That Jetfite looks sweet, so I'm excited for him. And we better get Swerve. I'll lose it of he isn't released.

    1. i thought Swerve was already released as a 2 pack?

    2. Hasn't been released here. Maybe it has but it came and went. Definitely one of the figures I've been looking for. C'mon, bbts or HTS, why don't YOU offer those?