Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MTMTE 28 Kinda-Review and Speculations.

There's going to be spoilers; probably none that you aren't familiar with with the preview that's online. But after the jump, I will go into some detail, and I will ALSO be speculating very, very, very wildly.

The great thing about MTMTE, or at least my opinion if you've read my rants about it here, is that there are casual parts of the conversations between robots that in fact are huge plot points. THAT'S the kind of writing I love. Hence why I love the movie Midnight Run so much.

"Season 2" of MTMTE starts this week with issue 28 and it's a nerve-wracking introduction to the new crew. I didn't feel a sense of dread or tension with issue 1 of the series, and that's with everyone on Cybertron thinking the Lost Light was dead, finishing with a bizarre warning from the future. Here, it's tense because Megatron is on the Lost Light. The story flips back and forth between a six month span of the crew on the Lost Light adjusting to whatever it was that was decided on Cybertron to do with Megatron.

It's a good issue, much in the way that issue 1 was good. I thought I'd hate the series when it first came out and though I liked the first issue, I thought it was trying to hard to set stuff up and introduce characters. Yet of course now I love it. This issue is of course similar, but with Milne's art instead of Roche's for the beginning of the series, which I think means we'll get more consistent clues from the setup issue this time. This is CRAZY talk from a CRAZY person who, after the first "season," now reads into EVERYTHING. But it's a good read and a good reintroduction to the cast.

And it's tense, and that's even before it gets foreboding. SO, the JUMP, a list of things I noticed (that are obvious and maybe not obvious?) and questions, and with a WARNING from the FUTURE: there's SPOILERS for the issue. And even WORSE, there's SPECULATION. Wild, wild, terrible speculations.

I don't want to talk about every detail or what I personally perceive to be obvious setups ("who is Terminus?" for example). Some things are obvious, some things YOU can enlighten me on in the comments, maybe there's something you'll go back and read and say "oh, yeah!"

-Ravage is on board. I don't know how G1 these comics are; is Ravage invisible in the dark?
-Rung wears glasses?
-The lights went out...they are being x-ray'd. By whom?
-The 8 is missing in room number 208. Twenty is left. Twenty. Eight. This is issue 28.
-There's an Autobot named Aquabat? Please be a crossover.
-Bluestreak is called Bluestreak. Take that, trademark. He references Danny Boyle's movie Shallow Grave, which I'm guessing every fan is going to order on Netflix in the next week or so.
-James Roberts, can you and I just be best friends and watch crime movies old and new?
-Will Bluestreak reference Earth movies? Will these references mirror plots or subplots? Will everything be an allusion?
-A Tony Wonder style Allusion?
-Need to find a way to use the word "Crewditions."
-Will Whirl get a new arm with a regular hand?
-Who is Whirl talking to? Prowl?
-The coffin. As in Don't Open The Coffin. Crazy, crazy speculation time: 1. It's Rewind, in a makeshift coffin that Overlord made for him. And Overlord used HIS mnemosurgical skills to...DOWNLOAD his own brain into Rewind's, and so it's really Rewind's body with with Overlord's mind. 2. That's CRAZY. It's Grimlock, the Scavengers dumped him. 3. Since they're on the trail of the Vis Vitalis, it's someone from that ship jettisoned into space. Possibly Thunderclash? Slightly less crazy. 4. It's a trap!

Okay, that's a lot of crazy. Here, watch The Scar starring Paul Henried. It's not Transformers related in any way. But it's awesome.


  1. I really enjoyed this "season premier." My assumption about the x-Ray panel was that it was just artistic license for the reader to see what happened in the dark. You mention Ravage though, so maybe it was his point of view.

  2. Previews for 31 mention the lights keep going in and out. I think the x-ray image was on purpose, but is it Ravage...OR NOT?!? I WILL KEEP TUNING IN...FOR SOME REASON! Even if I'm WRONG!

  3. What about Rewind's message? The edit. It's driving me crazy.

  4. I'll let that one play out; it and Megatron's removal of his dedication are obviously going to be big plot points and I don't want to speculate.

    I had to go back reread the bit about stolen letters and other stolen items. Is the ship alive and things are just missing? Or is there a new crewmember who passed crewditions and might turn invisible once in a while and is also a kleptomaniac?