Sunday, May 11, 2014

Silly page!

Haven't sighted any TFs lately. Swerve & Cosmos are showing up around the burbs but not in the city.

Lookie what Angry Canadian Decepticon found! I love Devastator and I am amused by KO's. The packaging art is pretty interesting. NICE FIND, JOE!

Here's a silly page. It might not be that funny. I've been busy drawin' my own stuff lately.

See, because the dinobots are old, and so are cassettes...oh, forget it. It's late.


  1. Hey, I got the joke! I like the dig about not making it to mass retail either. That seems to be happening a lot lately.
    Thanks a lot for the shoutout and post link as well! It's much appreciated.

  2. I've decided to not search for Generations figures anymore. I'm just preordering them nowadays. My Cosmos and Swerve should be here tomorrow. Most likely.