Friday, April 25, 2014

RiD #28, & a new silly page!

Haven't check in lately, but hey hopefully that gave you more time to look up Windblade #1. Good stuff!

The next step of Dawn of The Autobots starts with Robots In Disguise #28. Prime & some of the gang head back to Earth to see if they can find Alpha Trion. And Thundercracker is still there. And is doing the best thing that a Transformer has ever done in this series: he's a dog owner and a hopeful (hopeless) screenwriter.

I am not to be listened to, but: IDW, stop with the good vs. evil, Autobot vs. Decepticon. A comic about Thundercracker trying to become a writer is what I will read. And promote every day.

ANYWAY, it was probably one of the better issues. More Than Meets The Eye has attracted readers with robots chock full of personality unseen beyond Prime vs. Megatron vs. Starscream. It's a high bar and a few people, albeit with an otherwise positive response to RiD 28, wonder if John Barber is trying to amp up the 'side' characters' personalities in this comic to match MTMTE's "success" (both comics seem to have similar print sales numbers) (maybe "popularity?" "fan cred?").

It's not perfect, but it's an improvement. RiD may have meant to be the main title, and it's not bad (and better than the initial IDW TF comics), but it's definitely overshadowed by the tight plotting and character drama in MTMTE. I hope some focus remains on Thundercracker. His G1 tech specs had hinted that he questioned the Decepticon cause, but this was a potentially awesome plot that never came up in the original cartoon or comic book.

OKAY, I bought another page from Brian Shearer, from Robots In Disguise #16. More Sideswipe and Arcee, with Skywarp and Rumble in the fray. Neat, right?

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  1. Great issue, until the last page. Ugh. Thundercracker's script? Pure genius.