Thursday, August 8, 2013

silly pages, and some random Generations thoughts.

Quick thoughts:
-got a better look at Generations (IDW) Bumblebee, in package. Nope, not buying it. Just looks like a Flimsybot (tm). Anyone else: thoughts?
-got a look at Megatron stealth bomber from the same wave. Hmmm, I like the previous Deluxe figure from (WFC?) better.
-...general consensus? Trail(breaker)cutter is too small. He should be classics Hound sized. His vehicle is smaller than classics Hound. I think it's just a design decision going forward with future figures, in that the FOC Deluxes also seemed a bit smaller. Less plastic? More space saving features? Well, he's still a pretty solid figure. ANYWAY, here's another silly dialogue replacement page.


  1. Bumblebee is pretty bad. Unless you're a hardcore IDW fan who wants to support more IDW designs being used by Hasbro in the generations lines (which I am), I'd recommend skipping him too.

    Megatron, on the other hand, his only failing is his size - but the same can be said of Orion and Trailcutter, and probably every Deluxe since the FOC line started, and every deluxe who isn't Bumblebee going forward.

  2. I was kind of worried about Trailcutter and Hoist being Flimsybots (TM) like FOC Sideswipe & Jazz, with their fake wheels on their feet and skinny legs. Trailcutter is pretty solid though. So is FOC Ultra Magnus (and Prime) but nowhere anything as sturdy as some of the previous Classics.

    I bought Orion and I will get to that in the next post, but I'm probably going to skip stealth bomber Megatron. I already have classics Bumblebee, got the similar mold Generations Bumblebee, and have WFC Bumblebee. How many more Bumblebees do we need? And believe me, I am thrilled that they go with designs from IDW, because I love the comics, which is why I'm excited that we're getting a Skids and a legends size Swerve. The Skids probably won't be the same quality of Generations Wheeljack or classics Bumblebee (depending on your own preference) but hopefully it won't be as awful as FOC Sideswipe, a figure I had the highest hopes for.

    Thank you so much for your comment!