Wednesday, August 28, 2013

(further page collection)

So here's some other pages I got from Mr. Shearer at C2E2 from what is one of my favorite issues of the series. It's a big action blockbuster that I thought I'd hate because the story pages were purposely out of order (which I usually question, or accuse, as an admission that the story itself must not have been that interesting in the first place and they try to make it interesting by putting it out of order) and a lot of it is about Rewind & Chromedome's relationship...but the best part is of course the bits between Cyclonus and his unlikely tag-along roommate Tailgate. After the jump!

I had to divide up the page to scan it, you can see the line break in the middle. The first three almost work without words. The page also has a black border with a chronology of events depending on what page you were on (black borders represented the 'after' part of this comic). That's Tailgate pulling an injured Cyclonus out of the ship all by his lonesome.

The next page ends up being the last page of the story, but not the last page of the comic. Here Cyclonus rejects Tailgate's attempt to symbolically bond together in whatever form of blood-brothership robots have, spilling Tailgate's "Innermost Energon." My scanner won't fit a whole page, and unlike the first page, this one isn't evenly split into halves. But there was a big white space where the 4th (center) panel is; it was just a copy of the 3rd panel, with a photoshop effect of focusing on the vials in the foreground. Then Cyclonus helps Tailgate clean up the mess. I bought another page Brian inked from another issue, but in retrospect should have asked for the preceding page.

Anyway, two pages in my small collection of comics pages.

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