Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some Wave 2 Kreons on the way. For now, more Robots With Coffee!

I'm expecting some of the Wave 2 Kreons. Woo. I still owe you some blatherings about the new paint I got, and show you my Devcon and my painted Little Chainsaw Guy. After the comic More Than Meets The Eye #17, I think I know what to do with the extra Shapeways pieces from that first attempt the company made. I thought, huh, wouldn't it be great to make an Army Of Darkness style figure? Well, thanks MTMTE.

Eric from Til All Are MINE is going to Botcon. When he comes back, we will record another Robots In Cahoots.

In the meantime, click on the below image for the latest in ROBOTS WITH COFFEE! And like it on Facebook. Yes, I made a Facebook page, because someone asked me to.

I know the file is labelled "Topspin" and this is Twin Twist, but I don't care.

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