Monday, June 10, 2013

BLITZWING! I found Generations Blitzwing!

Yes! Voyager-sized Blitzwing!

Slightly bigger than Voyager Generations Lugnut!
'Bout the same size as Fall Of Cybertron Voyager Soundwave!

A modern update that is an actual triple-changer!

Blitzwing was probably the last G1 Decepticon figure I ever got. As a kid, I had (in order) Soundwave (and Buzzsaw), Thundercracker, Devastator, Shrapnel, and Blitzwing. And I loved Blitzwing. I thought his tank mode was the coolest, his plane mode pretty cool, and his robot mode...difficult to stand after his steel toes became loose after too many transformations.

When Blitzwing was announced to be released with Springer, everyone became super-excited for...Springer! I mean, he's only the THIRD Springer in recent years (not counting the excellent robot mode of Warbot Defender), but this would be the first Triple Changer Springer (not counting the kinda not-awesome vehicle modes of Warbot Defender). Aaaaand...I just heard cricket noises for Blitzwing. If you can't guess what figure I was excited for,'s Blitzwing.

So how does a fully articulated, actually triple-changing, Voyager sized Classics Blitzwing hold up? Photos after the JUMP! Jump!

Hey, I'm Blitzwing. How's it going?
I don't want to say it sucks. But it's kind of a fiasco. Flimsy collarbone/shoulder parts that theoretically lock into place. Feet that pop out when you try to pull out his tank treads. A top half of a tank that pops out of place when you try to move the turret. Parts that need to lock into each other in plane mode but nothing does.

Don't get me wrong, I'm digging the robot mode. I could care less about the face options that is a selling point on the back of the box. I'm shocked there's a RUBBER piece that forms the nose cone. RUBBER.

I heard of, but never dove deep into the reviews stating, the quality control issues. The issues I have are noticeable right away when transforming. I am not sure if they are serious. I will say the tabs that are supposed to 'lock' for the shoulder parts are showing white stress marks. ALREADY. I transformed him once and his left leg? Already loose. The weapon handles seemed too thick for his hand-holes.

I don't believe this was some sort of rush job. This is an ambitious figure and transformation you can't blow off. This is no Armada Sideswipe, nor is it a clusterfudge that is Classics Galvatron.
Really cool tank mode, and then everything popped out of place.
But I will not be transforming him until I'm confident, even after destroying my TF cred by reading the directions...again, that I can do so and the parts will lock into place, and it will not come apart with limbs nearly swinging wildly due to the tension from tabs being forced into their holes.
Surprise gerwalk mode. C'mon, there's
gotta be a Robotech fan out there, right?

Every form of him could look awesome. There's something off after transforming him, and it could be my own TF'ing incompetence with this intimidating fella. But they look pretty wild. I do like his tank mode, especially. The plane mode reminds me of something from Robotech Macross, and probably because I accidentally put it in a "gerwalk" mode while trying to turn him into a plane. Robot mode, really good. Even with the loose legs, they can bend and give him a few stances without falling over from the weight of the (springing) cannon on his back.

Overall, it will take a lot of futzing around with risks of breakage to get him just right in his alt modes. But despite the immediate frustration, I dig him for the potential; he fills in great for G1 Blitzwing. But I'm even more upset that the 3rd time was the charm for the over-exposed Springer, standing tall over a robot that might just amount to nothing more than a nice try.

Airplane mode!

Okay, well, he's out of the way. Glad he's in the collection. Trailcutter and Hoist, you're next. Oh and Kreons wave 2 if I can find them...

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