Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Friday! Here's a Robot with Coffee.

Hola, Amigos. I'm still on the hunt for the elusive Gen. Blitzwing. I'm not so interested in Springer as I have the one from the Springer/Ratbat 2pack from a few years ago, and the recent GDO. Even if this one is a genuine triple changer and he looks like a bad ass hefty warrior for the Autobots, I just don't have that much interest for the movie/post movie characters. There's some exceptions (Overkill/Slugfest). Anyway, I still owe y'all a post about the new paints (for ruining toys, aka my customs) that I got a few weeks ago. I'm also on the hunt for the Wave 2 Kreons, but I won't be able to search much this coming weekend.

I took down my figures and cleaned my shelves; when I put them back up, I saw my G1 Omega Supreme in shambles (I took him apart). What a messy, messy figure. If only I could trade him off and get the Year Of The Snake/FOC version. Hmmmm. Something to consider.

This is not the most enlightening or informative blog entry. Actually, it's the LEAST enlightening/informative blog entry. But it's a BLOG and I'm allowed to type my random thoughts. Please enjoy the accompanying picture of Shockwave contemplating his cold calculated destruction of the Autobots, takeover of the Decepticons, and reminder to clean out his cat Mr. Fluffykins' litterbox.

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