Saturday, October 6, 2012

turn it on, wind it up, blow it out...GDO!

So there's a few "Generations" (classics III) figures that were going to be released in Asia only: they're called GDOs, which I have no idea what that means. A quick search gets me nothing, and after I just sat through Dark Of The Moon (with RIFFTRAX) I don't feel like searching anymore. I never said I'd provide you with all the information about every toy.

Where was I? Oh yeah, they WERE only going to be released in Asia, except that they weren't because they're here in the US now. There's a few scouts that intend to pass up (Hoist is just a repaint of the tiny Trailbreaker, I mean Trailcutter, from the Reveal The Shield line. SO, these have been showing up at Toys R Us's here and there. A friend picked up SWERVE for me. Swerve is a repaint of Generations Kup with a new head. I think due to his recent popularity in the More Than Meets The Eye comic book, Swerve would have been better done as a legends or scout figure. Based solely on his original size as minicon, and the way he's drawn in the comic book. Perhaps comic book sales are not high enough to influence Hasbro into making a figure that matches his comic book counterpart. 

See? Not deluxe size. Scout size. Legend size. And adorable. (I painted the face of the G1 Swerve, at it was all red, to match his comic counterpart a little better.)

ANYWAY, the other three GDO deluxes were Cliffjumper, Wheelie, and Springer. Cliffjumper is basically his Prime figure with a G1 head sculpt. Wheelie is a repaint of Reveal The Shield Jazz with a new head. Springer is a Hunt For The Decepticons Tomahawk, also with a new head. So, basically, four old figures with new heads. I'm not a fan of Wheelie, and have his G1, and that will do, so I'll pass. I'm not in love with the Prime figures, and I have the original Classics Cliffjumper, and I like that one better because it's slightly smaller. I am on the lookout for Springer, even though I have the Voyager sized Springer from the Ratbat/Springer 2-pack that came out like four years ago.

I have the HFTD Tomahawk. I took off his head and painted it yellow and put it on a Generations Bumblebee. This makes a Generations Bumper. The Gen Bumblebee is a slightly darker yellow than the head I painted, however. So it looks kinda weird. What I need to do next is sculpt a head for the Tomahawk body to make WHIRL. There was going to be a "Head Robots" version (3rd party), or at least one was announced, but I haven't seen or heard of this product again.

That's about it. New painting project: I bought a model kit for a Roboteck Valkyrie fighter. The plastic is mostly off-white/almost gray. I was thinking about what to paint it, and decided to paint it after Scud The Disposable Assassin. This will take a while.


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