Saturday, October 13, 2012


Transformers Prime has a toyline out. A few figures were released a few months ago as "first edition" before slightly altered molds of the same characters came out in the regular line.

I managed to get an Arcee from this line. I got an Arcee from the regular line and it was not

The plan was to hold it and use it to make a War For Cybertron Slipstream. But out of what character body?

Anyway, the First Editions reappeared in some stores recently, so I guess they weren't going to be as rare as Hasbro/fandom said. I managed to get deluxe sized Starscream, of whom the Transformers Collector Club used the mold to make THEIR version of Slipstream, and Vehicon, the generic trooper bad guy. Vehicon is going to be another project, as a friend dared that I use it to make a Batman figure (the car mode kinda looks like a toned-down Batmobile).

FE Starscream's body might pass for the WFC Slipstream, but his head pin is too small for Animated Arcee's head (which, to ME, painted black, silver & purple, would have passed as Slipstream's).

Since this is the 2nd go-around for a supposedly rare wave of toys, I don't feel bad about painting them up.

Will update.

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