Sunday, October 14, 2012

RADIO blaster!

Okay, this was on sale at Quake Collectibles.

This is a working AM radio. That TURNS into...a ROBOT!

I'm not sure if this supposed to be pre-Blaster or if it's in the vein of this semi-licensed working radio guy. "Robotic Radio" was the only thing that I saw as his label. I'm doing the online 'research' as I type this up and thanks to matching an eBay listing and going from there, this is from 'Tai-Fong Japan.' I would prefer to link to any TFW2005 page for info but they seem to be besieged by malware as I type so I can't go there for more info.

Pretty cool. Here's a shaky video review.  

I have a Musiclabel Soundwave. That's the MP3 player that transforms into Soundwave, if you couldn't figure that out. Perhaps a review in the future. But, due to that, my interest in having a Transformer that turns into a tape player that actually plays music has been sated, though maybe I'll pick this up from eBay.

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