Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More BOTCON day 1 / a quick MTMTE 30 theory.


Did I review #29? I don't think I did, or at least with the theories that I did when 28 came out.

Well, there's a few events I want to think about, be they seeds or events.

1. Getaway. CREEP. CREEPY CREEP. I don't know what seed is being planted, whether it be a love triangle or Getaway building up someone after a previous heroic event. But he's puttin' the moves on, HARD. And it made me feel gross reading it. Shame on you, Getaway. I need a shower.

2. Rodimus was given a list of 'bots who voted against him remaining as captain. It turned out it was fake. Who gave him that list? Atomizer. I thought in 29 that Atomizer was just a sycophant. I have nothing to go on this other than Atomizer's color scheme, but it's similar to Rodimus' and I wonder if there's some blind adulation going on there. Is he the one who helped Whirl attack Megatron (with, you know, the crossbow)? If he was lying to Rodimus about who voted against Rodimus, what was his purpose doing so? Who does Atomizer not want on the ship? Kinda strange, and I'm intrigued. Will we see more of this minor character? What is his agenda?

3. Mirage. He's listed in the TFwiki as being in this issue but I've looked twice and haven't seen him (point him out to me in the comments, please). I suspected he was behind the letters disappearing in 28, but then the #8 shows up on a pipe over Whirl's head in the furnace room. The ship is alive? The letters remaining from Fuel Furnace could spell out "Careful," and then in 29 Nightbeat's room starts to disappear. The ship is phasing out somewhere...or IS it? Does Mirage have the capability to make things disappear, beyond himself? Is he stealing the ship, fooling everyone into thinking that it's disappearing? What would be his motivation? And am I wrong because of Brainstorm's "early early warning system?"

(of course Nautica discussed the Spectralist aspects of the coffin, and Drift will be coming back in a future issue. Maybe the Spectralists have learned how to make things change color beyond their eyes, and the walls of the ship become transparent...I don't know. The ship is haunted. There, happy?)

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