Saturday, June 7, 2014

Generations Legends - Swerve, Tailgate, Cosmos!

So I picked up a figures! And here they are!

Tailgate! And though it's awesome to have another figure from More Than Meets The Eye, this is my least favorite of the three. It's because of the tabs on his shoulders, the tabs that connect to make the hood of the car. These tabs will bump into the windshield/shellformer back of the car. Is the windshield/back part supposed to be moved further down (such as when he's in car mode)? Because you can move his arms back much with the tabs clashing into it.

Cosmos is a great figure. I figured the previous (Universe) toy would have been acceptable and was going to skip it, but a lot of people who bought it gushed about it, so when I saw it I picked it up. Well, gotta say, it's pretty amazing. You might have trouble pulling the head back out when you go from UFO to robot mode. Payload is a really cute companion too.

SWERVE! Worth it just for the smile. Best package art in TF history. Well, I have a bias. But I love the figure. I think most fans will dig Cosmos but I think Swerve is the best figure of the bunch and of this size (again, BIAS). Flanker is neat, especially when it converts into a weapon. However, fans will be disappointed that Hasbro didn't make a My First Blaster or drink tray. Why let a 3rd party beat you to it?
So just slightly disappointed with Tailgate; I can see kids (yes, toys are for KIDS, right?) getting frustrated and breaking it. I can see ME breaking it because I'm clumsy.

The little guys that come with these? Flanker is the most impressive as a TF AND weapon, Payload is probably the cutest 'bot, and looks like a pooper scooper when held by another figure.

Okay, got some work to do. Hadn't written in a while. I'm going to Botcon (as stated earlier) and I'm going to have a small 8 page Lost Light Insider with me. Woo!

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  1. Fun pics! My favourite is the one with Cosmos and Payload sitting on the side of the curb having a coffee.

    I never bothered getting the Tailgate figure myself as the character in the comics never did much for me.

    I did get Swerve and Cosmos. Swerve certainly was one of the most memorable characters in the latest comics, and Cosmos just plain looks great as a figure plus Payload is just plain cute.

    You are certainly right about Hasbro dropping the ball by at the very least not making a small "My First Blaster" for Swerve. Sometimes I think they fail to realize how much the fans really apprecaite small bonuses like that. I think the last time Hasbro gave the fans a really good bonus was with the TRU Exclusive MP Soundwave by including the five cassettes with it.

    Keep up the good posting!