Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Transformers Windblade writer Mairghread Scott interview on RwC

Yup. Mairghread Scott, a writer on some recent Transformers cartoon programs, was kind enough to do a q&a with ROBOTS WITH COFFEE. It's a Facebook page and you don't need to 'like' the page to read the interview, but if you DID like RwC on the ol' FB, I'd appreciate it.

Click on the photo (by Jason Enright, @jasonenright on twitter) to read the interview!
Okay 'bots,  you ALL want coffee butNONE of you know how to refill the pot?
I want to say that I'm proud to feature Mairghread on RwC. Make sure you give Windblade a shot! You can still get your local comic book store to order it for you!


  1. I appreciate not having to "like" the article to read it, but there is still the requirement of having a facebook account in the first place. At this rate, there will no longer be anything left for me to read on the "internet".

    Good day,
    Philippe Laurichesse

    1. I said 'like' the page, and I'm logged out of FB right now and am looking at the interview. RwC will have its own site soon. But try again: https://www.facebook.com/notes/robots-with-coffee/mairghread-scott-writes-drinks-coffee-with-robots/601435029944484