Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Robots In Cahoots #8

Eric was like, "Hey, did you finish editing Robots In Cahoots #8 yet? Because we both found Skids and I want to talk about Skids soon but we recorded this other podcast, so, you know, where is it?"

And I said...nothing, because I've been watching Columbo and Community in the evenings after work, and NOT editing the podcast.

So here's ROBOTS IN CAHOOTS #8. It's a little under 50 minutes I think. The sound might be a little hazy in parts because my radiator heat goes off in the middle of the podcast and it sounds like tape hiss. No, it's us trying to keep warm. Topics include the new Xbox and PS4, MST3K, more of the IDW comics, and some other stuff. So, check it out.

I'm, uh, going to go watch more Community.



  1. Oh man that Deadrising bit was painful to listen too. I enjoyed this podcast, and can’t wait to hear about skids.

    Also, I am the biggest Ratchet and clank fan ever. My favorite is Crack in Time, though you have to play the previous games to understand what’s going on, and how significant some of the reveals are.

  2. I prefer Tools Of Destruction because of the weapons upgrade. Crack In Time definitely has the most use of a controller. I think every button has a purpose. The RYNO in Crack is definitely the best.

    The new game is a blast even though it's incredibly short.

    My introduction to the series was All4One, which for people familiar with the series will seem like a strange entry to the point where it doesn't feel like an R&C game. But I think the dialogue and story fit well. It's a great party game.