Sunday, December 1, 2013

Finally unpacked my stuff.

We bought a place a few months ago. Yet until this weekend most of my TFs were sitting in this plastic four drawer bin that was tipping over. In a semi-related event, though we wanted to avoid Black Friday shopping, we thought maybe a trip to Ikea wouldn't be the worst thing ever. What luck, not only were we not trampled on, but one of those cube shaped shelving units was on sale.

This worked out really great because the REST of my belongings were also still boxed up. My little office room was so full of boxes of books and such that there was only room to walk from the door to the computer. So this was a pretty good weekend to assemble things for the wife, clean a few things out, and finally unpack the junk I've accumulated over the years.

I have a lot of reorganizing to do. There's not a lot of rhyme or reason as to how the TFs are displayed other than that they're not as heavy as books or comics or records so I put them at the top. We may even get a separate display case for them, who knows. The cast of More Than Meets The Eye are actually on a shelving unit in another room because that's how much I love the comic.

I have a few other things I need to do. Like thinning out the non Classics/Generations related stuff, displaying techspecs, convincing IDW to let me write a Sideswipe ongoing, things like that. Also, be a good homeowner. So much work! Homeownership is haaaarrrrrd. But it's nice to finally see the floor in this room now.

-expect a new Robots In Cahoots podcast soon.
-Y'know, I keep wanting to go to this. I found out about it a few years ago and then when it comes time for it something comes up. Should I go? I should go.
-Found TF Prime Vehicon, the RiD version, at Five Below for $5 (duh). He's kind of a shell-former, but c'mon, the leg/hood transformation bit is AMAZING. Seriously, that's some impressive toy engineering.
-I saw some of the MST3K guys do a q&a a few weekends ago. Funny stuff. What a great show. I have nothing else to add.
-Here's a SILLY PAGE!


  1. hey congrats on moving in. I know how hard it is to unpack collectibles, cos that's something we have to do ourselves. haha...

    BTW, when can I visit? Just sayin'

  2. Yes, Congrats on getting a new place! We're five years into our first place and it still feels like we have done nothing.

    Do you now have more storage space for your TF's as well?


  3. Brandon, you can just let yourself in the back door.

    Joe, do I have more storage space? my old apartment, I had about a dozen shelves or so drilled into the walls and a glass shelving unit in the living room. Those dozen shelves were broken up into:
    -G1 Transformers (like, 2-3 shelves)
    -classics related TFs (@ 2 shelves?)
    -movie TFs (1 shelf)
    -Alternators (1 shelf)
    -Simpsons (4 shelves, including computer desk)
    -The Tick & Invader Zim & Futurama & various (2 shelves)

    Well, at some point (semi-documented in this blog) I decided that I need to pick a toy line and just stick with that. So I sold off all my Simpsons figures, gave away my Invader Zim stuff, sold pretty much most of my G1, movie, and Alternator TFs.

    I could have put up the old shelves in the new place new place is incredible, and also classy n vintage n whatnot. Like, I do not belong in this place.

    So I don't want to start drilling holes all willy-nilly in this home that I am not good enough to live in. What to do? As I start to thin out figures that don't fit in with the Classics aesthetic or aren't personal favorites from the G1 line, I'll have some more space, but not MUCH more. Will one shelf be okay? Two? I'm not sure. I want cohesion and space. The figures in the first row are ready to act as TF dominoes. The glass case mentioned earlier is now the temp home to the Lost Light crew, and that was a quick solution to claim my own shelves before my wife claimed them because they were too nice for Transformers. And I don't have room for more stand-alone shelving units. So, what to do? WHAT TO DO?!?!?

    1. so you sold most of your G1? That can't be right? haha

      With collectors, I find that wallspace is such a premium. Shelves and posters and all that take up so much wall space.

      In my apartment now, the only bits of "uncolonised" wallspace is in the bed room. Pretty much every other wall has shelves in front of it.

    2. I built up a G1 set (up to movie characters, but not including Scramble City combiners) and then kind of stopped. These weren't MIB or anything like that. I was having some fun getting pieces to complete figures, especially to ones I never had as a kid. I just really liked the Classics so I decided that as CHUG versions came out, I could part ways with the old figures. Thus why getting Skids is so exciting. And selling the G1s pays for the incoming Classics.

      It also pays for comics pages, but shhhhhh.

  4. Congrats on the new place! Moving sucks. It was ok when I moved out of my apartment into this house 6 years ago, because I didn't have that many figures. Now that my collection has exploded and I now have the addition of three kids' worth of stuff, I'm dreading when we get a new house. I literally have nightmares and panic attacks about that.

  5. Heya I like your style, vintage transformers and vinyl records, a man after my own heart..

    have you seen
    those can be used to give a shelf unit extra space