Friday, September 20, 2013

Silly pages. More Than Meets The Eye is awesome.

I hope no one minds the frequency of posts. Anyway, have I mentioned how much I like IDW's More Than Meets The Eye? There's a (supposedly) spoiler-free 3 page preview linked here at Seibertron. But anyway, a silly dialogue re-write.

Of course, I have my own suspicions on what will happen to certain members of the Lost Light crew (like, say, Ultra Magnus). Also, solicits for upcoming issues shows certain individual characters on the covers, so, you know, they apparently live out the big event these issues had been leading to; what a wild ride it's been!

"Dark Cybertron" is the big crossover between both MTMTE and Robots In Disguise, and starts in November with a Dark Cybertron one-shot, and you can pre-order these things at your local comic shop. Your local store can also pre-order a $0.99 priced copy of both MTMTE and RiD #1. So if you missed out, these introductory issues will be a whopping George Washington-bot each. Get them and enjoy some of the best TF comics in its publishing history.

Mayhap I will write about the IDW series, where it started, how it dug itself into some weird holes, and how writers like Shane McCarthy and Mike Costa did their best to get the TF saga to climb out of these holes before, let's face it, James Roberts came to the rescue and gave a ton of depth to the barely-explained-yet-somehow-really-confusing Simon Furman backstory the series started out with.

Mayhap I will.

Oh, Robots In Cahoots #s 5 & 6 soon.

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  1. I'm not overly optimistic about Dark Cybertron. My preference is for MTMTE to just continue on its merry way for another 1000 issues.

    I have been reading both series' (in fact, I have read all TF comics up to this point) and RiD has become flat and boring, reverting to the 'all flash and no bang' type big-beat-down plot.

    Barber has SO many A-list characters, but he made POOR use of the majority of them. Sad.