Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Generations...HOIST! And I interviewed Brian Shearer for Robots With Coffee.

So I mentioned the ROBOTS WITH COFFEE page. Well, BRIAN SHEARER, of whom I've referenced here in the past, did an email q&a with me for RwC. So check it out. It'll be reposted here sometime in the future. Enjoy! I'd rather you hit the like button and comment if you've got a FB account, but if not, go ahead and chime in on the comment section.

Hey, I found Hoist! My pals said they'd look for me, as they found him at the same place I'd check the day before. But now they don't have to. I passed on the FOC Thundercracker from this wave (for now) though I DO like the paint job on Thundercracker as opposed to the Flimsybot (tm) FOC Starscream. So maybe I'll see if someone wants to trade up or something.

Anyway, Hoist. He's like Trailbreaker but green, with a Hoist shaped head, and no "shield." The crane turns into a gun, and it's actually a cool weapon. I know there's 3rd party upgrades to replace one of his (and Trailbreaker's) hands buuuuuuut I'm not too concerned about it. Like the Trailbreaker comic, the one included with this toy is written by James Roberts, the writer behind IDW's More Than Meets The Eye series, and it's really good. Not sure what else to say about this, I'm happy with Trailbreaker so I'm equally happy with Hoist. I don't like the weak, hollow feel to this wave of smaller Generations, I'm not amazed by his or Trailbreaker's vehicle modes, but he's still a good stand in/homage for the G1 and I'm glad this character finally got a figure. So kudos! Just one picture, enjoy. (Whew! So many posts in such a short amount of time.)

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