Tuesday, October 14, 2014


This was an ad in various Marvel comics in Feb 1985. Not sure if Transbots was something that was ever packaged and released in stores, like any number of Machine Robo Gobots-wannabe, but pictured here are 2 popular transformers figures. The 3rd guy is something out of some fantasy sci-fi adventure and is probably named Zol-TAR or Hate-ROBO or something like that.

A number of different toys are listed and I'm wondering what exactly they are. Bear with me:
All are made of diecast metal and convert from robots to vehicles. Choose from the following – each $4.49 or 3 for $11.99.
Thunderstar – Robot to Jetplane (J1)
Locorob – Robot to Locomotive (J2)
Transfob – Robot to Spaceship (J3)
Protectrob – Robot to Police Car (J4)
Karza – Robot to Dump Truck (J5)
Phobus – Robot to Tractor Trailer (J6)
Metra – Robot to Dune Buggy (J7)
Photon – Robot to Bull Dozer (J8)
I'm guessing these are, based on the price points, GOBOTS. I'm guessing that Locorob is Gobot "Loco" and Transfob is "Spac-y" or whatever. Geez, those names are just as terrible.

Transforming Communicator
Disguised as cassette recorder it transforms into either a Jaguar (J15) or plane (J16) each $4.99.
...Wait, what? Plane? It describes Soundwave (no pricepoint) and then Ravage and then...a mini plane that fits into Soundwave? Huh?
Transforming Deception Plane
Flips in low for attack and changes into Robot for attack. Complete with attachable weapons and decals - $15.99 (J17)
Any of the seekers, I guess.
Transforming Camera
Disguised as a camera it takes pictures of the enemy trenches and then transforms into 3 robots to head off the enemies - $14.99 (J18)
 Good ol' Microx/Reflector.
Also Available Now
The Leader
The largest of the robots he heads up your force and then before attack you can convert him to 3 robots. $13.99 (J19)
Optimus Prime as THE LEADER!
Astro Magnum
A battery operated robot with shooting arms & 3 different sound levels or convert him to Lazer Vulcan – a laser gun, Gunberg a double barreled cannon or Vulcan Base; a standing laser gun. $18.99 (J20)
I don't know who this is but it could be that giant Go-Bot "ro-gun" or whatever. Or it's one of the Shockwaves/Shackwaves with three sounds instead of two.
Transforming Weapon
This super weapon with operable trigger and parts coverts into one of the ultimate robots with attachable weapons and decals $14.99 (J21)
How cool if it was Browning and not Megatron.
Robo Watch
Wear it as a self-winding watch or remove  the center piece and convert it into a robot with the time displayed on his chest 3 function - $9.99 ea. (J11) 

Yeah, one of the transforming watches.  

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