Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sandstorm! And some random stuff.

I found Sandstorm! Like, super cheap. And he's a pretty cool figure. He's a retool of Generations Voyager Springer, who I didn't want to get, but I did want to get a new representation of a G1 character, and again, cheap. Also, loose but complete, so whatever. I saved the trees by not getting one with a package. Hooray!

Pics below the random stuff.

-HEY! Look to the right. I made my rant for MTMTE into its own page. I added issue #22, as writer James Roberts said on Twitter, "If MTMTE ever got the omnibus hardcover treatment, (#22) would definitely end the book." So, #22 will cap off my SEEDS & PAYOFFS rant.

-We recorded #7 for Robots In Cahoots. Got the hang of audio editor. Will edit soon.

-Hey, I made a twitter. @gassyautobot for RwC pics n robot fart jokes. No biggie.

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  1. Love the "day in the life" montage! Nice placement on the words as well.