Friday, February 22, 2013

Myclone! And some neat links.

I'm adding a few links to the bar on the right (when you scroll down); I don't know if I can reference EVERY TF blog, but there's some really cool ones out there, some of which serve as a wealth of information for other Transformers fan (and myself!). I've said hello to Heroic Decepticon and Til All Are Mine and they've said hello back and linked me (probably how you found this page).

Through their pages I'm checking out Botch The Crab's archive of box art (and much more!) and I just discovered the Obscure TF site. So this will help fill in a few moments of my day between meetings and such. Yay fellow TF fans!

A few months ago I'm browsing the frequently mentioned/visited store Quake and they had these:

They're called Myclones, "superdeformed" versions of G1 figures. I picked up Jazz, Sideswipe, and Trypticon. They're absolutely adorable...and they fall apart easily. More below:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Diakron Multi-Force 14 - the bad guy Megatron should watch out for...

I stopped by Quake Collectibles in Chicago and was happy I brought my camera. Dave had the Diakron Multi-Force 14 Robot.

(Please note that the back of the box pictured on the Multi-Force link is slightly different. I'll get to that after the jump.)

If you check out this amazingly well researched TF site, you can see how Multi-Force 14 fit into the pre-TF world, or whatever other licensed toyline he was a part of at the time.

It looks like he was a bad guy, going by the comics that were included with the Diaclone figures, and maybe the main bad guy.

This was, as far as I could tell, a complete figure, though I didn't see any instructions or stickers. Dave was also charging $250 for the shebang. See more after the jump.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another Swerve custom, and a BONUS easy custom!

Here's another custom. You may have already seen my "More Than Meets The Eye" Swerve. But I also painted the face of the G1 Swerve minicar to try to match his comic book counterpart.

early custom attempt - Starchild Prime

A quick few things that are not newsworthy at all:

1. I won't be buying the Beast Hunter (Prime) figures. Not like anyone asked me or cares what I think.
2. The Mrs. pre-ordered MP Smokescreen for me.
3. I am having a tough time finding the "wave 1" of Kreons.

OKAY, so, anyway, I like to paint my Transformers. I never said I was awesome at it. This is for my own amusement (though I DID sell one! Really!). I've gotten some advice from customizers in the local TF community, including ideas like "you should spraypaint them first" and I can't do that where I live. One guy said "you should use tape, to make straight lines," and then the look of terror when I tell him that I did in fact use tape.

I'm THAT clumsy.

SO, anyway, after the jump, is maybe my 2nd custom attempt. And it's the whole reason why I bought paints to ruin extra transformers.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Whirl - Headrobots Drone kit

First up, holy moly, the Hasbro Toy Fair news: so many Generations figures, the biggest news about the biggest transformer, "titan" class Metroplex: I don't have $130 for this guy.