Robots With Coffee #5

Fracture hopes that the local comic shop will sell her "personal" mini-comics.
Devcon needs caffeine before hunting Decepticons.
..after a day of prank-commuter gags ("Make the humans late to work! then they will be less productive, and soon I will rule the world!" commands Megatron) Astrotrain accidentally let a few flesh creatures aboard, and felt obliged to at least let them off at their stop. The passengers appreciated his space-shuttle speed and complemented some cta employees over his service. A supervisor stopped Astrotrain to talk and before Astrotrain knew it he was filling out a W4 and will be the first CTA train to offer trips to Milwaukee and the moon. Oh crap, what will Megatron say about that?
Ramjet gets some coffee. Then, ramming things.

Calculon set up a meeting with Scriptbot3000 at a cafe to discuss a vanity project.

Hubcap can hear radio signals down the the tiniest frequency...but he can't
block out the annoying couple at the next table.
Cassie, the waitress at Over Easy, drew this for me on my check.
Blaster gets some coffee before tuning in to the game.
Huffer conquers a cup of coffee at work!
Your cover is blown, Mirage, when you drink that cup
of coffee in front of everyone. "Is that a floating cup
of coffee?" No, it's a rich invisible robot.
It was at the Laundromat, washing the bedsheets they bought to wear as ghost costumes to scare humans away from the amusement park built over an Energon source, that Thundercracker realized maybe Megatron's evil plans aren't what they used to be.

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