Saturday, June 29, 2013

I can get behind another Generations (legends) Swerve. And SKIDS.

So I'm watching the Botcon news and pics trickle in.

After the GDO Generations Swerve (a slight retool of Kup), Hasbro is releasing a Legends figure that comes with...some tiny robot, I don't care. It looks like his More Than Meets The Eye comic counterpart, and though I tried my own hand at producing a similar figure, this looks really good, even for a Legends. And hopefully there's some smirk detail in that face. I will probably relinquish my GDO Swerve as a result. (Among the pictured is a similar sized Cosmos; I have a scout or legends sized figure from a Universe series many years ago, and that's adorable on its own.) I am glad I did not order the iGear Swerve; they dropped the ball by not molding his head after the MTMTE design.

The other item of interest are the Generation Deluxes, including (drumroll) Skids! Pictured are blah blah blah blah, I just care about Skids. You can click on that link and see Goldbug or whatever they're calling him, and Waspinator, which will be treated like a big deal. Skids also looks a lot like his MTMTE characterization. This will save me massive trouble of making my own Skids, based off a really great Radicon I saw, which used RTS Jazz, Generations Perceptor, and Revenge Of The Fallen Skids or Mudflap, which are three separate toys, which would be an expensive custom.

A Skids deluxe would pretty much complete the 1984/1985 standard set of Autobot cars and Decepticon jets, not counting minibots. Personally, that's awesome, because I had to make a choice with space issues and I chose the Classics line. I'll have a few G1 keepers (Constructicons, Insecticons, Soundwave & tapes, Dinobots, Grapple and Inferno, minibots) but it looks like I'll have a complete collection of G1 homages... is it strange I'd rather have the new versions of the classic G1 characters?

There's plenty other announcements but these are the two from Hasbro I'll be looking out for. I see a repaint of Blitzwing as DoubleDealer but...meh. You can visit TFW2005 or Seibertron for their up to the minute Botcon announcements. I'm not really one to parrot every rumor in the rumormill because there will be an official announcement, and all I'd be doing is trying to get excited about things someone could manufacture at any time for me to BUY. I will not be entrapped by this consumerist nightmare! And I will use "parrot" as a verb!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some Wave 2 Kreons on the way. For now, more Robots With Coffee!

I'm expecting some of the Wave 2 Kreons. Woo. I still owe you some blatherings about the new paint I got, and show you my Devcon and my painted Little Chainsaw Guy. After the comic More Than Meets The Eye #17, I think I know what to do with the extra Shapeways pieces from that first attempt the company made. I thought, huh, wouldn't it be great to make an Army Of Darkness style figure? Well, thanks MTMTE.

Eric from Til All Are MINE is going to Botcon. When he comes back, we will record another Robots In Cahoots.

In the meantime, click on the below image for the latest in ROBOTS WITH COFFEE! And like it on Facebook. Yes, I made a Facebook page, because someone asked me to.

I know the file is labelled "Topspin" and this is Twin Twist, but I don't care.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Another entry in the ROBOTS WITH COFFEE journal.

Robots With A Complete Breakfast? Click on the image to see the 3rd in a series of ROBOTS WITH COFFEE.


Monday, June 10, 2013

BLITZWING! I found Generations Blitzwing!

Yes! Voyager-sized Blitzwing!

Slightly bigger than Voyager Generations Lugnut!
'Bout the same size as Fall Of Cybertron Voyager Soundwave!

A modern update that is an actual triple-changer!

Blitzwing was probably the last G1 Decepticon figure I ever got. As a kid, I had (in order) Soundwave (and Buzzsaw), Thundercracker, Devastator, Shrapnel, and Blitzwing. And I loved Blitzwing. I thought his tank mode was the coolest, his plane mode pretty cool, and his robot mode...difficult to stand after his steel toes became loose after too many transformations.

When Blitzwing was announced to be released with Springer, everyone became super-excited for...Springer! I mean, he's only the THIRD Springer in recent years (not counting the excellent robot mode of Warbot Defender), but this would be the first Triple Changer Springer (not counting the kinda not-awesome vehicle modes of Warbot Defender). Aaaaand...I just heard cricket noises for Blitzwing. If you can't guess what figure I was excited for,'s Blitzwing.

So how does a fully articulated, actually triple-changing, Voyager sized Classics Blitzwing hold up? Photos after the JUMP! Jump!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Friday! Here's a Robot with Coffee.

Hola, Amigos. I'm still on the hunt for the elusive Gen. Blitzwing. I'm not so interested in Springer as I have the one from the Springer/Ratbat 2pack from a few years ago, and the recent GDO. Even if this one is a genuine triple changer and he looks like a bad ass hefty warrior for the Autobots, I just don't have that much interest for the movie/post movie characters. There's some exceptions (Overkill/Slugfest). Anyway, I still owe y'all a post about the new paints (for ruining toys, aka my customs) that I got a few weeks ago. I'm also on the hunt for the Wave 2 Kreons, but I won't be able to search much this coming weekend.

I took down my figures and cleaned my shelves; when I put them back up, I saw my G1 Omega Supreme in shambles (I took him apart). What a messy, messy figure. If only I could trade him off and get the Year Of The Snake/FOC version. Hmmmm. Something to consider.

This is not the most enlightening or informative blog entry. Actually, it's the LEAST enlightening/informative blog entry. But it's a BLOG and I'm allowed to type my random thoughts. Please enjoy the accompanying picture of Shockwave contemplating his cold calculated destruction of the Autobots, takeover of the Decepticons, and reminder to clean out his cat Mr. Fluffykins' litterbox.