The Farting Robot

Here's that "About me" page no one was asking about!

I apparently like Transformers.

My collection has grown and shrunk. I now stick to Classics/Generations and a few G1s of interest. That doesn't stop me from checking out, and reporting here, interesting items in the world of Transformers.

I am within biking distance to at least three stores that specialize in vintage toys, with heavy doses of Transformers from all "generations." Holy bajeezus. My favorite place is Quake Collectibles, to the point where I've actually worked there on a few occasions. So I'm lucky to have a retail source that has a wild variety of TF related items pass through its doors for me to see. There's also a great group of collectors here and they also have some interesting figures or way more complete collections that I can live vicariously through.

'Til All Are Mine lives down the street from me. I figured we should team up and record ourselves talking about our hobby. And so we came up with Robots In Cahoots.

I've made a few short videos on YouTube called "Everyone Loves Gears." This is practice for something much bigger one day, I'm sure, BUT it also allows me, a grown man, to justify the purchase of these plastic robot dolls. "See? I'm making a semi-stop-motion, semi-comedic short!" A few neat friends have gotten involved.

I have drawn comic strips for a local sports humor magazine, and occasionally write for another baseball blog. (I like baseball.) I used to be involved with a theater company; I wrote a few scripts and one of them was turned into a play. I also play bass in a band called Hired Goons.

ROBOTS WITH COFFEE is on Facebook and Twitter.

Why yes, I'd love to hear from you! Drop me a line in the comments.

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