Tuesday, August 21, 2018

My Kickstarter - Robots With Coffee Coloring Book


So, as you know, I've spent most of my arting at Robots With Coffee Dot Com. I haven't bought many toys, and actually sold a good number of them in the last year. Thinning the collection. My focus the last few years has been generating material for RwC, and (so far) this year I've had something appear on the site (almost) every weekday: Comics from Mort, new robot drawings, movie and music reviews, and even photocomics from RwC Jesse.

Anyway, as the subject implies, the big news is that I made a KICKSTARTER for The Robots With Coffee Coloring Book. It's a 20 page "toy catalog" of various robros I've drawn over the years, complete with bios that would look great on toy packaging...if these toys were to ever get made (they won't). The bonuses include a sticker sheet, a button, and paper dolls for you to cut out and use with your other action figures or board games or whatever. That's for the basic package. Other tiers include a fun mini sketchbook called Princess Robo, and original drawings and watercolor paintings. There's also a T-Shirt package.

It's got a week to go and though it's funded, it would be great if you could jump on board. Think of it as a preorder - you're getting a great deal on the comic and the extras, especially because one of the stretch goals that we met, an extra sheet of paper dolls by other artists including Transformers artists Casey Coller and Sara Pitre-Durocher, won't be available after the Kickstarter, either with the comic or by themselves. So, pledge now. The more the merrier, and it will help fund more RwC projects.

RwC has become a lot of fun for me. A lot of people warned me of the work that would go into fulfilling these orders but I can't wait. Check it out and pledge today (before August 28th). Thanks!


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