Robots With Coffee 2

Robots With Coffee 2

Hound asks about the special blend, "coffee."
(They're robots, not snobs.)

Mixmaster doesn't have time to sit at a table at a
cafe to contemplate life or write that screenplay.
He's got to WORK, you know.

Brawn gets a boost. A coffee boost.

Could there be any liquid as beautiful
as Sunstreaker?

Tracks is a bot on the go, and only
has time for a small cup.

Tonight, an Unsolved Mystery: UFOs? JFK? Mothman?
Who let Hot Rod get ahold of The Matrix?

You don't need to be IN Brooklyn to get a good cup of Joe, but that doesn't
mean Wheeljack doesn't miss it so. (The Brooklyn on CYBERTRON, not NY.)

Upon closer inspection, this Earth compound in liquid form is "coffee,"
a strain of Energon found on Earth, as Perceptor deduces...

A long day stuck working in The Matrix (not the Leadership)
is started off right with a cup of coffee for Long Haul.

Arcee has a seat after missing her train. Hopefully the rest of the day won't be this long.

Starscream looks out the window this dreary morning and contemplates...what it would be like to be the leader.

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