Robots With Coffee 4

Drift helps cut up some pancakes because, hey,
"I've got these knives!"

Whirl helps put some cream in the coffee.

Metroplex does not look forward to this condo
association meeting, especially since he's the condo.

Hoist thinks about his audition for Romeo & Juliet. The original version
that Shakespeare intended, a lighthearted romantic comedy about lovers
from two rival tow truck driving, and not the one that Hollywood ruined.

Tailgate has entered The Matrix...of Coffee.

Ratchet doesn't understand why the other physicians
demand he use anesthesia on human patients.

Rumble is RED, Frenzy needs COFFEE.
Work work work.
Work work work.
Workity work work.
Work work Work.

Tigertracks gets ready for another day of data entry
at his "I'm not on the cartoon show" job.

Smokescreen has some inside info on today's races at the track.
He also snuck into the stables, replaced some good horseshoes
with some inferior brands, switched feed to more fattening brands,
and slashed a few saddles so they'll break in the middle-race.
(Smokescreen thinks that "fixing a race" is the same thing as "inside info.")

Hey dude from Accounting, what's up? I just needed to squeeze in to your cubicle,
I gotta see how my fantasy league is doing and then I bid for something on eBay.
Your account was open, I didn't want to log you off and be intrusive, so let me know
if I win and I will totally pay you back. I owe you big if you ever need something
from the warehouse, bro. Just don't tell my supervisor, cool?

Inferno helps Kreon Inferno.

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