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Functionist Funnies!

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These are comics by Mort Inkingbot, the pen name of Mortimum (II) of Iacon. Not much is known of Mortimum (II) prior to the creation of Primus Features Syndicate which distributed his comics to newsfeeds all over Cybertron. But as Mort Inkingbot, his public persona seen through the strips' pro-functionist "I love Mondays, I love my function!" messages was a true representation of what he believed in, and took all opportunities public and private to help advance that agenda. His exposure brought him fame, he used that to seek wealth, and those enchanted by his fame were used by him to acquire more wealth (and fame, and so on and so on). Rumors that he "conjunx endura'd his way to the top" weren't always true; some of these official unions were reportedly passionate, and ended that way (or worse).

Once the Senate was fractured (or destroyed beyond an effort to revisit what a Senate should comprise and how it should conduct law of the land, depending on your view), a popular and powerfully connected bot was granted access to Autobot High Command. Was he part of it? Did he think he was going to be involved in decision making? Was he laughed out of the command center because of his cartooning background and lack of military or strategy experience? Few would know the answer, Prowl has confirmed in a short but grim manner that Mortimum (II) of Iacon's membership of High Command didn't last long ("astroseconds. The quantifiable time is not even worth mentioning, nor is he.").

Though no documentation exists, Mortimum (II) of Iacon left with a NAIL transport soon after, with no known contact or contribution to any factional cause in the last 4 million years. After the last Purge followed by the bizarre events involving D-Void, the Dead Universe, what amounted to the final battle between Autobot and Decepticon leaders, and Cybertron's "come home" message to all of its children, the whereabouts of Mortimum (II) aka Mort Inkinbot is still unknown.

Also, I made this all up.

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