Sunday, October 20, 2013

Recent acquisitions!

...Last week I snatched up a loose Generations Sandstorm from Quake (my local vintage toy shop). Not only am I doing a little bit to save the earth, but the complete figure without packaging was pretty cheap. Pretty awesome considering how recently it was released. I wasn't going to get the toy until I saw it free-of-packaging and cheap. 

I stopped by THIS weekend, I saw Generations Springer, also loose & complete. What the WHAT? SCORE! I mean, I wasn't going to get this, but I was actually really impressed with Sandstorm. I guess this version of Springer will be more consistent with my Classics/Gen figures, as opposed to the Universe (Voyager) and GDO (Deluxe) figures I've never really cared for and wasn't sure what to do with. Now I know: I'll sell them and just keep the one I thumbed my nose at.

ALSO at Quake: TF Universe DRAG STRIP. I don't think I've seen this figure before, and I'm not sure of its initial availability, though I'm also unsure it's it's rare or not. It's the Classics Mirage mold, also used to make movie Fracture (which is one of my favorite figures). This was also reasonably priced so I picked it up as well.

I've got a budget I'm trying to stick to: no new figures paid for from my ever shrinking paychecks until Generations Skids and Wave 4 Kreons. So moolah for these came from selling my Alternators. I'm not too sad about getting rid of them. They're neat, most were well done, but I'm in a new place and space and display are both an issue. Our new condo is actually someone's old vintage and ornate building, and I don't want to start drilling holes into walls willy nilly for a million shelves of action figures. So, since I've been focusing on the Classics & related lines, I let go most of my Alternators and a few of my Masterpieces. I know, I know. So the funds for last week's & this week's haul came from that. I'm not too sad: it's just chunks of transformable plastics, the money allows me to get THESE figures, and now I have more space. And the person who got the Alternators will hopefully appreciate the deal THEY got as well as the figures. So everyone wins.


Coffee soon?
Other stuff:
-Anyone have an extra Universe (Classics 2.0) Hound? Broken? I just need the head for a custom.
-Oh yeah, I'll make some time for some customs soon. Some terrible, terrible customs.
-And then I have to buy this. Maybe one for each toy. Or at least when Legends SWERVE is released.
-The band Pelican put out a new album, "Forever Becoming," and it's awesome. Whoops, that's not Transformers related. I ran out of things to babble on about. See you later.

(If you don't hear from me in a million years it's because I also used the money from the Alternators sell-off to buy Batman: Arkham Origins.)

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